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Guide to Sheffield's best student areas


Living in a student house is one of life’s great experiences, and nowhere is this truer than in Sheffield. Students in the city are blessed with a wide array of great places to live. Living in a private student house hugely enriches uni life, offering a sense of independence & freedom that can’t be matched by managed flat type accommodation. A high quality of life is almost guaranteed, as all of the areas in this list are home to bustling & friendly communities, have local facilities on the doorstep and are steeped in history.

But with so much choice, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve drawn on our experience of providing student homes in Sheffield for decades to compile this guide that selects the very best areas to live as a student in Sheffield.


Ecclesall Road 

Ecclesall Road, or Eccy Road as it’s affectionately known, has long been a Mecca for Sheffield students, and it’s easy to see why. It has gorgeous green spaces, with the famous Endcliffe Park on the doorstep; a great food and drink scene where top-rated independent restaurants, coffee shops & cafes sit next to popular chains; quaint shops; a bit of culture; essential supermarkets and of course, bustling bars and pubs. It’s also really close to the city centre, which can be accessed by an easy flat walk or the frequent bus service, providing even more options.

But Ecclesall Road’s popularity with students isn’t just because of all the fun stuff - it's convenient for getting into uni too. The location is particularly handy for students that study at Sheffield Hallam’s Collegiate Campus, which helps explain why so many Hallam students live there. That’s not to say it’s not also popular with University of Sheffield students, as many are drawn to Sheffield’s ‘golden mile’ for the great social benefits and quality of life it offers. That said, if you’re a University of Sheffield student and living close to uni is particularly important to you, you may want to consider living in Crookesmoor.

To top it all off, the student houses here are among the best Sheffield has to offer. They tend to be spacious, well-appointed and conveniently located next to the great amenities that make this such a desirable location.

Why not check out our extensive range of Ecclesall Road student houses and flats. Or if you’d like to take a deeper dive into the area, read our complete student's guide to Ecclesall Road.

City Centre

Often overlooked in favour of Ecclesall Road, Sheffield city centre has a lot to offer for students. If independent shops, coffee shops and restaurants are your bag, and you’re also partial to a wide selection of bars and real ale pubs, you’ll be well set here.

What’s more, the city centre is where you’ll find Sheffield’s main galleries & museums, plus the renowned Crucible theatre, its main gig venues, the Winter Gardens and its best architecture (sorry Park Hill fans).

A big plus point for lots of students is that the city centre hosts the city’s most popular student clubs. If you’re keen to live close to the action, you’ll want to look for properties in the Devonshire Quarter. Those after a more chilled area that still benefits from the great amenities and connectivity the centre offers should look closer to the train station.

The main drawback of city-centre living is that rents tend to be higher compared with other areas. There’s also a shortage of ‘proper’ student houses - as lots of the student property tends to be managed high rise flats. If you’re keen to live here, but want to retain the independence, freedom and affordability that a more typical student home entails, then Gnome Student Homes has you covered - with our range of student flats & houses in the Sheffield city centre. 


Crookesmoor is another of Sheffield’s most popular student areas. Being on the doorstep of the University of Sheffield makes it especially desirable for students studying there. Quality of life is high, as the area is blessed with an abundance of bars, pubs, restaurants and shops. A short walk accesses West Street, Broomhill & even Kelham island, putting you in touching distance of the best restaurants and bars Sheffield has to offer. 

Lovers of outdoor space don’t miss out here either. Despite being so close to the centre, Crookesmoor has some great parks. Plus lots of the houses here have gardens (ours certainly do). Sound up your street? Why not have a look at our Crookesmoor student houses.


Neighbouring Crookesmoor, Crookes has been a longstanding favourite with Sheffield students. Like all places, it has its drawbacks, and many would put its hills near the top of the list! If you’re happy to slog up the hill coming back from uni then there are definite upsides. It’s a bustling student area offering an immersive student experience. 

There’s an abundance of terraced housing & the main street (named Crookes) is well equipped with supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and shops. Plus the hills mean you’ll have great views over Sheffield. Many students who live here through uni go on living here post-graduation, underlining its appeal.