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You can now view our student homes on YouTube


COVID 19 has affected all of us in a way that no one could have expected, or any of us have experienced before. It also is responsible for spurring gnome into setting up and launching our own YouTube channel.

We looked at the best way to try and give our potential customers a look inside  each property, and tried several different formats including 3D doll houses, dodgy widescreen iPhone gadgets and VR headsets (not a good look btw). 

After a while we decided that a short video tour of each property was the best way forward, with each video being around the 1 minute mark. We hope they give the viewer a good idea of size, layout and condition. These 1 minute video’s work really well along side our floorpans and images, we hope that you agree.

There is really only one place to host these, YouTube.

So gnome now has its own YouTube channel, with more and more of our homes being listed every week.

Further down the line we have plans to do a few short maintenance videos, such as where to find your water stop tap, and how to operate your electrical fuse boards if it trips (OK, not very interesting right now but you might just be pleased to have seen them one day). 

We have a few other idea’s that we hope to put into practice in 2021, but more on those later.

In the mean time ,why not have a look at our YouTube Channel, and get in touch if you like the look of anything in particular, or would like more info.

It would be good to hear from you and know what you think.